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We support trading, distribution, production and retail organisations in translating their strategy into systems. We build tomorrow’s supply chain with smart concepts and solutions. Business consultancy based on content, with over 20 years of experience. Less cost, quick delivery and optimal availability of resources? And above all: satisfied customers? We support organizations in being agile and optimal organizational design by means of business- and process optimization.


a clear 

Making organizations stronger and more resilient, with concepts and solutions that really drive them forward. That help them use digital possibilities in a clever manner. And to work closely together with partners in the chain, take better tactical and operational decisions and make a difference in sustainability. This vision is the guideline for our activities and future.

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Pragmatic support

We come up with and realize solutions for a broad variety of challenges regarding supply and planning, production and assembly, warehousing and distribution, sales and service. In order to achieve these, we closely work together with our clients. As a substantive advisor, process facilitator or in offering the necessary boost. Based on our experience and best practices we provide them with knowledge and context. We understand your market and what works. Together we assess your needs and translate these into a project. And we only leave when you decide that we are done.


Business consultancy and implementation

Working with Chainresult TD&M means cooperation. In an open and transparent dialogue. We translate complex issues into manageable chunks. We analyze, clarify, offer practical solutions, boost and provide impact. Every advice is unique, no project is alike. Together we implement your plan, and we realize your goals. Result is key.